Benefit Of Sea Salt Bath


Sea Salt Bath or Thalassotherapy is based on the theory that seawater’s similarity to the chemical composition of the human body enables it to treat many conditions, including allergies, bone-related diseases, and circulatory, respiratory, and skin problems. Thalassotherapy uses sea water, as well as sea weed wraps, or mud wraps and breathing sea air, in … Read more

Sea Salt – Is Salt Good, Or Bad For Us?


Did you know that the sea salt content of the oceans is similar to the salt content of our own blood?We all know already that our body is 75% water. What maybe not all of us know, is that this water contained in all of our tissues, cells, blood, etc. is a salty water solution, … Read more

Eating To Lose Weight – Nutrition Guidelines


What should you be Eating to Lose Weight? You may think that I’m trying to give you another page on weight loss diet. Don’t worry. I’m not a specialist and don’t know much about diets. All I know is what I read, understood and applied to myself. That is what I want to share with … Read more

Health Benefit Of Seafood – Fish Oil Benefits


The inclusion of Seafood in a healthy diet is highly recommended by many doctors and nutritionists. Once considered to be the food of the poor, today the fish and generally the seafood is found on the top of the food pyramid. Seafood – Fish Oil Benefits As Shown in the Balanced Diet page, we need good proteins … Read more

Balanced Diet – Healthy Eating Guidelines


Are you eating a Balanced Diet? – If you look at your scale I think you will have the answer. This page addresses to both adults and their kids. While water, salt and minerals are vital for optimal health, nutrients we receive from the foods we eat are also very important. The other essential factors … Read more

Water – Nutrition Fact (What Not To Eat)


Water is not food, but a nutrition fact that challenges old diet patterns. As shown in the Benefit of Drinking Water page, water acts as a solvent, transporting, combining,  and chemically breaking down the fats, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals and other water-soluble components in order to produce our own vital elements and energy. When we fool the … Read more

Water Birth Benefits and Potential Risks


Learn about Water Birth, why many women choose it and what are its health benefits for both mother and child… Water Labor Can Be Very Soothing Being in water during labor can be very soothing Most women report that once they settle into the warm water, their contractions hurt less and they find little need … Read more

Family Beach Vacation and All the Related Health Benefits


What can be more exiting than a family beach vacation? Just feeling the sand under your bare feet or get splashed by the waves are things that we cannot have everyday. BTW: Did you know that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) sufferers need natural sunlight, not antidepressants or artificial light? Yes, beach resorts can be veritable … Read more

Water Activities For Children


Learn why water activities for children are so beneficial to their health and development.   As shown in the child-development page, an important issue in child development is maintaining a normal weight by developing healthy habits – One way is to encourage their participation in physical activities. Health Benefits Of Water Activities For Children Water sport, … Read more