Child Development And Health


Child development and health are closely related to water in all its aspects and disregarding this fact, can lead to serious consequences to it’s health. Did you know that acute child dehydration leads to a reduction in both mental and physical performance? Water And Child Health What are children’s water needs? When a child is … Read more

Spa Resorts – Enjoy, Relax And Get Healthy


Spa Resorts offer excellent facilities for alternative healing. Spa definition: The term of “Spa” comes from a place with the same name in Belgium, a mountain area. (Spa means “fountain” in Walloon language). Here, in 14 century, an iron-rich spring was used by a iron master to cure his rheumatism, and he founded a health … Read more

Healing Spring Water – Cold And Hot Spring WaterTherapy


The underground energized healing spring water is the main factor in traditional spas in Europe, where the practice of using it is called Balneotherapy. Bathing in mineral waters, and also drinking them in small quantities – under medical advice – can help the body heal itself from different diseases When water crosses the underground layers of … Read more

Benefits Of Water In Arthritis Treatments


Arthritis treatments using water therapy have been proven to be very effective, inexpensive and without side effects. People diligently check the fluids in their cars, but neglect the fluids in their bodies. In a car, oil prevents metal from rubbing up against metal; in the body, water keeps cartilage robust and joints floating. Once dehydration … Read more

Water Fitness – A Convenient Way To Get in Shape & Stay Fit


Water Fitness, can provide benefits not found in other areas and can advance individuals to their next level of muscle fitness and mobility sooner. It also act as a natural weight loss solution. Jump in! Burn fat, tone muscle and stay in shape even if you are plagued with knee, ankle, foot or leg problems… … Read more

Water Therapy – The Gentle Way To Heal Your Body


Water Therapy (or Hydrotherapy) generally refers to the external use of water in the treatment of different physical disabilities, rehabilitation and improving ones overall well being, and its effectiveness has been proven since the early existence of the humanity. Obviously, the main benefit of water for our health is the crucial benefit of drinking water. However, … Read more

How To Lose Weight With Water


Want to know How to Lose Weight? – It’s easy and fun: … drink a glass of water and jump in the pool – that’s… almost it 🙂 Seriously speaking, there are many benefits for our physique associated with water, including weight loss. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus … Read more

Best Drinking Water – What Type Of Water Should We Drink?

Properties of water

So, what is the best drinking water? Unfortunately, our water today is subject to nearly every kind of pollutants in our society. – As if contamination from gasoline, parasites, chlorine, fluoride and aging pipes were not enough, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, lead, asbestos, nitrates and even radioactive waste, all have an impact on our water. But … Read more

Drinking Water – How Much Water To Drink?


Nevertheless, Drinking Water is the most important thing we can do to ourselves, after breathing. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fail to drink enough water, because: first, the older we get, the less evident is the sensation of thirst and we often confuse thirst with hunger, or worse, we may confuse thirst with the urge for … Read more