Benefits Of Bathing – Relaxation And Detoxification To Recover Health.

Talking about the Benefits of Bathing, we obviously go into the benefits of the external use of water for our health and well being. Balneology is the science of bathing, known from anciant times.

Romans for example were really obsessed with the bathing practices. In addition to being considered vital for health and well-being, Roman baths ranked as important centers of social activity.

For many, cleansing the outside of the body is one of our most habitual, and enjoyable activities.

A morning shower before breakfast, a shooting bath after work, or even the simple washing of hands before and after meals enable us to feel cleaner and more relaxed and refreshed.

In countries such as Japan, personal cleanliness is considered and important societal virtue, and in India, even the poorest citizens take a daily sponge bath or shower, sometimes in the street or at a public bath-house.

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Benefits Of Bathing For Our Health

Bathing practices involve the act of washing in order to:

  • correct the condition of physical impurity,
  • and also to restore spiritual purity.

Benefits Of Bathing And Physical Immortality:

I read some exciting and interesting things about little known facts related to the benefits of bathing, that I would like to share with you: “To be immortal in today’s world we must learn how to soak” says Leonard Orr the author of ” Breaking the Death Habit : The Science of Everlasting Life”

Benefits Of Bathing For Spiritual Purification

” Just about everyone in the West has indoor plumbing and hot water, making physical immortality available to the modern masses. As a result, it is easy for most people to bathe twice per day, as is the practice of the immortal yogis.


I value hot water bathing as the supreme gift of spiritual civilization. I believe human life span has doubled in the last hundred years because indoor plumbing and warm water have made water purification so pleasurable.

Warm water opens and cleans the charka’s. Cold water cleans and automatically closes the charka’s. These gifts of science and technology are worthless to us if we don’t use them consciously.

Both showers and total immersion are necessary for the full understanding of water purification. Doing breathing exercises in the bath increases their efficiency.

Oceans, rivers, lakes and specially hot springs are infinitely valuable natural resources. Breathing in warm water produces different results then breathing in cold water.

The simple act of bathing daily in water can be a profound act of spiritual purification. To gain its full value, you should practice immersion in a bathtub, sea, or river while meditating before, during and after.

The value of thinking deeply while going in an out of water is that it enables you to discover how bathing changes your emotional and psychological states. Thinking while lying in a warm bathtub is the greatest form of meditation I have ever tried.

Daily bathing restores the body’s energy.

Drinking good water is also important, but bathing is the easiest and most pleasurable way to clean the energy body – which is the source of the physical health.

Benefits Of Bathing In Mineral Waters

Bathing in thermal or spring water is a simple and effective way to help the body’s natural detoxification by stimulating the liver (which is our body’s filter and cleanse toxins), the circulatory system and digestive system (by drinking the mineral water), which helps remove toxins.

Benefits Of Bathing In Sea Salt Water

Sea salt bath therapy works by activating the body’s own healing mechanisms. Our blood and circulatory systems provide a continual supply of oxygen and nutrients for maintenance alongside immune cells for defense and repair.

Some benefits of bathing in Sea Salt Water are related to making your skin smooth and eliminate toxins.

Spa resorts are known for the benefits of bathing. Generally they are also equipped with facilities for exercising and improving physical fitness. In Spas resorts you can also heal certain diseases by drinking mineral water.

The benefits of bathing in natural conditions like: mineral springs, hot springs or sea in spa resorts are increased by the surrounding environment, geothermal energies and sun therapy. In these health centers, medical personal assist you and choose the proper cure for your specific needs.

Benefits Of Bathing At Home

Nowadays, with the growth of industrial and related pollution throughout the world, many people experience poisoning from heave metals, such as cadmium and lead, which produce a variety of degenerative and nervous system diseases.

Benefits Of Bathing For Relaxation

The benefits of bathing are obvious. There is almost immediate sensation of comfort and relaxation as we settle into a bathtub filled with warm water, or dramatic awakening of senses when we step into a cold shower.

Bathing helps us relax and sleep better – our body is actually regenerating while we sleep, so we have to insure a good sleeping every night.

Benefits Of Bathing For Cleansing And Restore The Immunity System

Our daily bath and shower rituals are, in fact methods of alternative medicine – The daily use of them cleans and balances our body energy.

– The break of the surface tension of the water produces the emanation of negative hydrogen ions, that are very beneficial for our body, which is electro-positively charged.

The negative ions make us feel relaxed, destroy harmful bacteria and increase our autoimmune system…

Showers And Benefits Of Bathing

Showers are utilized for healing and can be applied at various temperatures, pressures even with multiple heads. They can make you feel like taking a vacation on the beach.

Cold showers for example, are used therapeutically to stimulate the body, reduce temperature and help overcome fatigue.

Warm showers help sedate the central nervous system, soothe irritated skin and relieve pain.

Vichy shower

The Vichy shower, named after the French spa where it was first developed, uses several nozzles arranged in a horizontal pattern to create either a gentle of vigorous rain shower. It’s especially popular in beauty treatments such as skin exfoliation and wet massage therapy.

Benefits Of Bathing In Hot Water

Hot water baths relax and soothe and are popular for relieving body aches and pains. They help the body eliminate toxins, increase its metabolism and raise its temperature in order to fight disease.

Benefits Of Bathing In Cold Water

Cold water invigorates, energizes and fortifies the body. It cause the blood vessels to constrict, thereby shutting blood to other parts of the body. At the same time, the brain tells the cardiovascular system to send fresh blood to cold areas, resulting in fresh vitality and warmth.

Benefits Of Bathing: Spa Accessories

In order to increase the health benefits of bathing, various elements like hot tubs and spas, can be added to your bathroom as as needed:

Jacuzzi , often increase the benefits of bathing and they are prescribed to relieve pain, reduce tissue swelling, and increase circulation in both the limbs and body.

Water jets at various heights and bubbles add the massage element to the benefits of bating increasing the relaxation effect.

Water massage therapy can help you relax by increasing blood flow to tense areas (i.e. shoulders, back and neck); increased blood flow relaxes muscles and removes build-up of waste products caused by tension.

Benefits Of Bathing Using Spas And Swimming Pools

Spas and swimming pools help to ease arthritis and other chronic pains by decreasing swelling and relieving pressure on joints and muscles for people suffering from arthritis.

Soaking in warm, soothing waters of a hot tub does not only help with physical ailments. Spas have also been known to improve their owners’ quality of life by rejuvenating those who are “stressed out”.

Benefits Of Bathing Using Saunas

Steam baths or saunas use water in its gaseous form. Because the high temperature promotes perspiration, steam opens pores of the skin and helps eliminate toxins. 

Like the hot-water bath, steam bath help raise the body temperature, which kills bacteria and viruses. 

They offer relief for muscle aches and sprains and also treat arthritis and joint problems. Steam, especially when used in a vaporizer, helps relieve breathing problems, colds and sinus attacks.

Facial steam baths are effective in cleansing the face skin. Hot steam allows you to remove dirt, oil and grime from your skin and can be used as an alternative to exfoliating scrubs and chemical peels. Hot steam allows you to open and unclog your pores to prevent blackheads, breakouts and other imperfections.
An added cool mist provides a soothing effect to sensitive skin whether from acne, thinness or sunburn. The cool spray causes the pores to shrink, allowing you to enjoy bright and delicate skin. Cool mist allows you to naturally moisturize as well.