Benefits Of Water For Women Health – Most Common Women’s Health Problems

Women health and beauty are related to water in many ways.

Western culture mythology says that the goddess of beauty and health Venus / Affrodita has been born from the sea … but you don’t have to go that far to find the benefit of water for women.

Let’s see how water contributes to Women’s Health and Well-being today:

Benefits Of Drinking Water For Women Health:

  • Drinking water and bathing helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It also restore normal sleep rhythms.

  • Water makes the skin smoother and helps decrease the effect of aging.

  • Water decreases premenstrual pains and hot flashes

  • Water also helps in Weight loss

  • Water is the best lubricating laxative and prevents constipation – Drink 2-3 glasses of water in the morning and you will notice the effect.

  • Water clears toxic waste from different parts of the body and takes it to the liver and kidneys for disposal

How Much Water Does A Women Need?

On average, you lose about 10 cups of water each day through perspiration, breathing, urination and bowel movements. On a typical day without exercise or hot weather. – Most adults need 8-12 cups of water each day.

How Much Water Should Pregnant Women Drink?

  • Pregnant women need more water to supply the growing demand of the child, (every new cell that forms has to be filled with water – a developing brain needs much water)
  • Breast feeding women require additional water to produce sufficient breast milk (mother’s breast is both a water fountain for her child and a source of food)

Women Health: Early Pregnancy Morning Sickness

According to Dr F. Batmanghelidj MD studies, the early-pregnancy morning sickness of a pregnant woman is a most meaningful thirst signal. In fact is the very first sign of dehydration of the mother and fetus together. It is brought by the water-regulatory action of histamine.

Most mothers adjust their water intake by the third month and the morning sickness disappears, but some don’t and continue to live a life that promotes dehydration in fetus as well as themselves.


– When a mother continues to drink coffee, tea and alcohol during her pregnancy and does not take sufficient water, she influences the physiological pattern of the developing child in her uterus. The level of water intake and the composition of amino acids made available to the child will determine the assets of the growing child for natural development.

What Makes Women Retain Water?

Dehydration can cause the body to retain fluid that will be released as you drink more water. The goal is to keep lots of fluid flowing through your body. To do this, drink more water along with salt intake.

Women Health: Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Why is seafood a good choice for pregnant women?

For pregnant and breast feeding women, seafood makes good nutritional sense.

First, it’s a good source of low-fat protein”important when you’re trying to get the most nutritional value for your extra calories.

Second, the type of omega-3 fatty acid known as DHA is thought to be beneficial to the eyes.

Scientists have found that women who ate fatty fish while pregnant gave birth to children with better visual development. And, babies of mothers who had significant levels of DHA in their diet while breast feeding experienced faster-than-normal eyesight development.

Preliminary research also suggests that a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids”DHA in particular”may help decrease the chance of pre term birth, thus allowing the baby more time for growth and development. Source: International Food Information Council

Natural Body Detoxification For Women Health

Stress, lack of exercise, or poor dietary habits are acid forming conditions and affecting women health, especially in pregnancy.

Body toxicity of any kind translates into body acidity, and it is measured by the pH level. The pH level of your body has to be slightly alkaline ( about 7.4)

How Does Body Detoxification Work?

You need to drink water to flush out the toxins from your body – the more urine is produced, the more easily the body keeps it’s interior alkaline. Bathing is an other great natural detoxification method, especially Sea Salt Bathing

A balanced diet plus natural dietary supplements can work to cleanse the body

Pure-filtered water, minerals, and natural oils help washing bacteria and toxins out of your body to allow it to detoxify itself. They also help bring the proper pH balance to your body which is important for increasing oxygen in the body and helping the cells function better.

Benefits Of Water Fitness For Women Health

Studies have found many benefits of water fitness for women health. In one new but small study in Finland, 11 women with an average age of 34 participated about twice a week in a 10-Youek program that used boots, which added resistance in the water.  The women improved their kicking movements by 26 percent, according to the study published in the December issue of the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

Water Therapy For Women Health

Even though you know the good effects of regular exercise – burning calories, increasing circulation, maintaining a healthy heart – sometimes the pain and stress on your joints is too much to bear. If you have problems with weight exercises, then you might want to think about a workout that incorporates water therapy.

How Lose Weight With Water Therapy?

As shown in the Benefits of Drinking Water page, You all need water for the proper body’s functions. The four most vital steps to better health are:

  • Balancing the water and salt content of the body,
  • Exercising the muscle mass of the body to enhance the efficiency of the brain function,
  • Avoiding beverages that dehydrate and make the body more toxic, and
  • Eating a balanced diet of proteins and vegetables (20% proteins / 80% vegetables), with as little starch and sugar content as possible.

Click here to find more weight loss tips

Women Health And Pregnancy Workout

Water fitness for the Mom – to – be with no health or physical restrictions


Following an exercise program will improve your heart and lung functions which is good for you and your baby.

Routine exercise has been known to reduce blood pressure, stress (mental & physical), fatigue, and the chances of developing varicose veins.

Water exercise is an excellent way to relax.:

8 minutes Warm Up
36 minutes Cardio – active head to toe exercises
8 minutes Wall Supported – Strength, Toning, Flexibility, & Range of Motion
8 minutes Cool Down

There are many physiological changes that take place during pregnancy that make exercising in water an ideal environment. Exercising in water ensures proper cooling and it supports a woman’s joints and ligaments against the stresses that the added weight of pregnancy can cause. The water is an ideal and safe atmosphere that can create progressive and gentle resistance allowing the pregnant women to work at the level that most suits her that day, as energy levels can fluctuate throughout her pregnancy.
Doctors regularly recommend swimming as the exercise of choice for the pregnant women health. – Julie Tomlinson, AFAA CPT, Dip.N.Med.
Note: It is always important to check with your doctor before starting any kind of fitness regime.

* Water can also be and ideal medium to give birth naturally will less pain – check the water birth page

Spa Treatments For Gynecological Conditions

Spa Treatments for Women Health


Although medication, hormone therapy and surgery are most used nowadays for treating gynecological problems, mineral spring therapy is still popular in Europe for women who prefer more natural treatments that provide healing with minimum of adverse side effects.

Balneotherapy – with its proven ability to soothe, disinfect, reduce pain and normalize metabolic process – can be an important part of a holistic approach to treating a wide variety of disorders particular to women.

Women Health: Problems With Conception

Difficulties with conception also lead European women too seek treatment at hot and mineral springs. Balneotherapy is recommended for treating sterility caused by inflammations of the fallopian tubes, irregularities of the mucosal lining of the cervix, and hormonal problems that affect ovulation. Approximately 30 % of women who visit French spas for gynecological complains have one or more of these problems.

Women Health: Problems With Genital Pains

Other women visiting these spas suffer from various types of genital pain. Some may be result of infections, sexually transmitted disease, postoperative pain, cyclic pain (including premenstrual problems), or other type of pain related to vaginitis, depression, poor circulation, injury, stress, or some other cause.

Women Health: Menopausal Difficulties

Specific spas can help women with menopausal difficulties including: hot or cold flashes, feelings of weekness, and mental depression in some cases.

Other symptoms like: vaginal distress, vaginitis, circulatory complains, osteoporosis, urological and metabolic disorders.

Some mineral springs that help with gynecological disorders are:

Americas medical spas:

  • Argentina: Los Molles, Cachueta, Rio Hondo, Rosario de la Frontera
  • Canada: Miette Hot Springs, Radium Hot Springs
  • Mexico: Ixtapan de la Sal, San Jose Purua
  • USA: Berkley Springs – West Virginia, Hot Springs – Arkansas, Hot Springs – Virginia, Glenwood Springs – Colorado

Europe medical spas:

  • Belgium: Spa (Liege)
  • Bulgaria: Blagoevgrad
  • France: Luxeuil les Bains, Salies de Bearn, Salies du Salat, Neris, Bourbon l’Archambault
  • Germany: Baden Baden, Bad Kissingen, Bad Nauheim, Bad Pyrmont
  • Greece: Aedipsos, Loutraki, Thermopylae
  • Italy: Albano Terme, Agnano Terme, Bagni di Lucca, Ischia Terme
  • Romania: Baile Felix, BAile Herculane, Baile Olanesti, Calimanesti, Sovata
  • Switzerland: Rheinfelden