Eating To Lose Weight – Nutrition Guidelines

What should you be Eating to Lose Weight?

You may think that I’m trying to give you another page on weight loss diet. Don’t worry. I’m not a specialist and don’t know much about diets.

All I know is what I read, understood and applied to myself. That is what I want to share with you. In the beginning I made the same mistakes some of you may still be tempted to make, without any results at all.

The main thing I know now is that the losing weight process cannot be done by starvation and hunger. This will make your body weak and prone to sickness, while you will continue to accumulate fat.

If you want to Lose Weight, first, you should know that the metabolism of the fat to reduce pounds is a slow process, if you want to do it without adverse effects to your general health.

You definitely need to eat. But what should you be eating to lose weight. Here is the point. As I promise, I’ll not even try to give you recipes. Instead I’ll give you some suggestions on what you should be eating in any case, whether you need to lose pounds, or not.

Eating to lose weight has to be eating to gain health, and stay healthy. The two cannot work separately.

Eating To Lose Weight Is About Body PH Balance

Actually, one important thing to mention when talking about eating to lose weight is that,

Weight Loss Is Not All About Calories – It’s About Toxins…

Toxins produce acidity in our body, changing the natural acid/alkaline balance.

When the body is too full of toxins and acidity, especially if we don’t drink enough water, the liver becomes overwhelmed and cannot function properly, and the “bad” food gets stored as fat. On the other hand, our body needs clean energy, which is supplied by drinking water. Read more about how to lose weight with water.

So forget about fat, cholesterol, and calories: eating to lose weight is in the first place a matter of maintaining the body’s pH balance.

As shown on the nutrition page, the main cause of incorrect pH balance is eating food that is not natural, therefore not compatible with our natural organism. Read more about what not to eat, especially if you are concerned about eating to lose weight.

Eating To Lose Weight And A Balanced Diet


In fact when talking about eating to lose weight, there are a lot of misleading myths about it. For instance:

  1. Eating Fat will not make you fat, but instead will make you healthier – we need fat.
  2. Cholesterol is not bad for you – in fact it’s a good thing that our body needs for proper functioning.
  3. Eggs will not increase your cholesterol level, instead they are a very healthy food.

In reality, the body needs some fat on a daily basis. – You cannot go fat-free and survive for very long!

The body is not able to manufacture the required fat components (like essential fatty acids) that are needed to produce its membranes. If you don’t give the body good fat, it will try to make it from carbohydrates, but this is fat that will not be entirely consumed, but rather stored.

This is how some people grow disproportionately fat.

When eating to lose weight you should consider the inclusion of omega 3 fatty acids into your diet.

Recent studies have confirmed the importance of good fats in a balanced diet designed for weight loss.


5. Salt is also an important fact in the eating to lose weight process:

Contrary to the misconception that salt is not good for you, including salt in your diet is essential to your health:

Water and salt regulate the body’s electrolytic balance. In dehydration, the body is looking for salt in the foods that are eaten. This search for salt is another reason for overeating.

Salt is also very important in the digestion process, by giving taste to the food we eat. Read more about sea salt benefits

Eating To Lose Weight And Sugar

When we talk about eating to lose weight, we have to keep in mind that:

  • Any form of sweetness sensed by the tongue will stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin is a hormone that converts sugar and carbohydrates from food into fat.

So, sugar and sweets in general are a big concern in healthy eating. However, we all like sweets, at least some sweet things in our lives, or at least in our food 😉

Well, sugar is not the best thing to eat, neither artificial sweeteners (oh, even worse – yuck!) – so what can we eat to satisfy our sweet tooth?

The good news is that honey is not only inoffensive, but in addition is very healthy for us, and it makes a good marriage with the eating to lose weight idea. But, I’ll let Jan tell you more about honey and weight loss.

Eat Yourself Slim: Adapted for North America
Michel Montignac has scientific research to back up “Le Method.” His theory is that it is not fat that makes you fat, but it is sugar and certain carbohydrates that cause obesity by raising blood sugar levels that trigger the body to store fat. Now others have jumped on the “no sugar low carbohydrate” bandwagon, but this book began the movement.

Never has a diet been so appetizing. It is no wonder that Montignac’s books on how to lose weight have sold millions of copies. I’m a big fan of Montignac too 🙂

* Very important – from Montignac you will learn that different types of food have different digestion times. When you don’t digest properly, it’s not only that the food will not give you the nutrients, but it will be stored as fat. It’s very important to learn in what order your should eat your fruit, vegetables, meat or carbohydrates.

Bottom line, eating to lose weight is mainly about a balanced diet.

Want to know how to to lose weight? – I’ll tell you a secret: as a rule of thumb, you should eat regularly and especially you should not skip breakfast. Read more proven weight loss tips.