The Amazing Properties Of Water

Properties of water

Understanding the chemical and physical properties of water helps us realize how important water is for our health and life Chemical Properties Of Water Structure Of The Water Molecule: This is how the water molecule in its liquid state looks like, and it is the result of the electromagnetic energies created between the 2 atoms … Read more

Air Fire Water Earth & Spirit – (The Elements of Astrology)

Air Fire Water Earth

“Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are four elements that compose all things” – states the ancient Greek philosophy… Although modern scientific understanding of the elements has developed since the time of the ancient Greeks, the mystical connection between humanity and the elements of nature remains. By noticing the balance of the four classical elements: air … Read more

Message From Water – The Mystery Of Life Itself

Message From Water

A very important message from water has been sent to us, at this late point in time – is this an imperative call for life? In this new millennium, it seems that we face the old, crucial dilemma: “To Be or not To Be” – or, in other words: To Survive or Perish… It is … Read more

12 Health Benefits of Water – (For your Body)

Water benefits

Understanding the Health Benefit of Water may be crucial in resolving a lot of your Health and Wellbeing issues… Why? Because: This ordinary liquid: amorphous, colorless and odorless… makes up over two-thirds of our own body mass… and is the essential element of life “Water is the material cause of everything” said Thales of Millet – … Read more