12 Health Benefits of Water – (For your Body)

Understanding the Health Benefit of Water may be crucial in resolving a lot of your Health and Wellbeing issues…


Because: This ordinary liquid: amorphous, colorless and odorless… makes up over two-thirds of our own body mass… and is the essential element of life

“Water is the material cause of everything” said Thales of Millet – 6th century B.C. – Its genesis is related to that of the universe and our genesis to that of the water…

… However, thanks to our civilized, super industrialized and commercialized society, it seems like we are tempted to forget our relation to Mother Nature, disregarding things that are so evident for our life, like the Health Benefit of Water…

Have you ever wondered why we often rely on drugs and surgical intervention to heal illnesses instead of preventing and treating them in a natural way?

Are we missing or ignoring something when we call natural cure for disease “alternative medicine”?

Health Benefits of Water

Rediscovering the health benefit of water is rediscovering our connection to nature…

Did you know that everything we do: drinking, eating, bathing, cleaning, breathing, exercising, relaxing, even thinking is related to water?

This amazing yet so common liquid is the most basic and fundamental component of life on earth. No wonder our health is so much related to it …

Health benefit of water – hollistic aproach:

w-lourdesWater acts like a magnet (Properties of water) and reacts to any exterior energies. If you think that every single cell of your body exists in an aquatic medium and that every aspect of your life is related to water, you will realize that: “Nothing exists in isolation, and that everything you interact with, your diet, family, work or relationships, has an effect on your health and well being.

Health benefit of drinking water:

drinking-waterLearn why drinking water is so important for our health (Benefit of Drinking Water)
and find the answers to questions like:

• How much water should we drink?
• What kind of water is good for our health?

Bath and Body:

The science of bathing is an integral part of water therapy with multiple healing effects like:
whirlpool-bath• skin detoxification
• relaxation
• improvement of general well being of both body and spirit.

Learn how to build and benefit from your own home spa: Bath and Body

water for special physical conditions:

The health benefit of water through therapeutic bathing has been demonstrated for centuries to be an alternative medicine to injury rehabilitation and special physical conditions by:

  • water-workoutsenhancing the range of motion and the sense of physical freedom and confidence
  • decreasing joint pain, muscle pain, spasms and cramps,
  • increasing the circulation throughout the body…

water exercise for shaping up your body:

Whether for cross-training, or just for losing weight, exercise in an aquatic environment can provide benefits not found in other areas.

Athletes, runners, tennis players and other competitors find that training in the resistance of water gives them more of a workout than using weights or treadmills… Bath and Body Works.

Health benefit of water in spa resorts:

Spa Resorts offer excellent facilities for alternative healing, like: rest and recreation, therapeutic massage, treatments for many kinds of affections.

 under medical supervision, while taking advange of the surrounding environment, climate and landscape, or the earth and sun energy…

Sea salt water:

The natural cure factors on sea shores are: the maritime climate, rich in saline aerosols, the solar radiation, the seawater rich in different healing sea salts (chloride, sulfates, magnesium…), the mud and sea algae.

Sea Salt contains a variety of minerals that play a role in keeping the bodies electrolytes in a healthy balance and has powerful result in the natural relief of breathing discomforts.

Child development:

Swimming for instance is an ambidextrous activity; teaching dyslectic children to swim often helps them to read and write normally because it balances the brain hemispheres.

Become ambidextrous, and along with an added physiological brain growth, a more balanced integration of your 2 hemispheres will be achieved. See more on Child Development page.

Water for pregnant women:

Water provides the midwife with an extra dimension – a great resource to enhance her skills in addition to the kind, warm, sympathetic and motherly presence that is so essential to the woman in labor. See more on Water Birth page.

Water for our nutrition:

Warning: Water is not Food, but is an Important Nutrition Fact…

Learn why water is so related to our nutrition, basic rules we have to consider when it comes to food, vitamins and minerals. Find a new, revolutionary approach to the old subject of Diet / Nutrition.

Water to our breathing:

Negative ions produced by waterfalls, waves and evaporation have multiple health benefits. They can provide relief from sinus, migraine headaches allergies and hay fever, reduce the severity of asthma attacks, depression, enhance the immune system, increase alertness, increase work productivity and concentration, increase lung capacity and reduce susceptibility to colds and flu – Waterfalls

Water element for our well being:

In the Feng Shui philosophy the water element symbolizes: rich, abundant amounts of chi flowing through the life. Learn how to use Chi’s energy for your own wealth.