Spa Resorts – Enjoy, Relax And Get Healthy

Spa Resorts offer excellent facilities for alternative healing.

Spa definition:

The term of “Spa” comes from a place with the same name in Belgium, a mountain area. (Spa means “fountain” in Walloon language). Here, in 14 century, an iron-rich spring was used by a iron master to cure his rheumatism, and he founded a health resort, which became famous.

The healing power of water was known however since the Romans and Greeks time. Healing spring water have been used by Celts, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Japanese, Native Americans and many other people.

In Europe and Asia, balneology – which is the science of bathing, has evolved into a medical specialty. In these parts of the world, spa resorts are based on the natural healing power of local water springs, using the geothermal energy (Italians still call them Therme – the Latin word for hot springs).

Health Benefits in Spa Resorts


for a vacation, and a 2-3- week course spa therapy is prescribed by a physician.

While “taking the waters” is very popular with elder people being given mud packs for their arthritis, especially in Japan and Europe, spa resorts attract a diverse clientele of all ages.

They can benefit from thermal swimming pools, remedial exercises and relaxing by enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The vast majority of the world’s spa resorts offer innovative and healthy diets, along with specialized exercise and recreation programs for all age groups. – Source: Healing Springs book by Nathaniel Altman

Different spa resorts resorts use different blends of minerals, enzymes, and enriching agents which are added to water to activate the body’s self healing mechanisms. See the Healing Spring Water page

Some of these healing benefits in spa resorts include:

  • stimulation of the immune system and detoxification
  • physical and mental relaxation,
  • water therapy rehabilitation
  • normalization of gland function

Here you can benefit from: rest and recreation, detoxification, pain relief by therapeutic massage, and different natural cures of disease, and also from qualified medical assistance and supervision, while taking advantage of the surrounding environment, climate and landscape, or the earth and sun energy…

Spa Resorts Therapies

Besides the therapies related to Healing Spring Waters, Spa Resorts and Day Spa Centers offer additional therapies – Some of them can be also done in your own home spa.

Acupressure – An ancient form of healing massage developed in China. It involves needles to relieve tension and stimulate certain energy centers of the body. it is often offered as part of Shiatsu and traditional Chinese massage.

Acupuncture – Similar to acupressure, but more precise. This should be done only by qualified health specialists.

Bath scrubs – A practice used for skin cleansing, by exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin and leaving the body smooth and clean. It can be done with different mixtures of sea salt, mineral salts, seaweed or other abrasive materials, combined with lotion of mineral oils.

Colon irrigation – A specialized type of enema that cleanse high into the colon. Some holistic spas utilize thermal water for this treatment.

Pelotherapy (Fango Therapy) – A skin treatment using mud for wrapping the body just or coat parts of it. This helps remove toxins, relieve arthritic and muscle pain, and treat skin disorders. One of the best mud to use is the one obtained from the Dead Sea

Herbal Wraps – Are a popular adjunct to bathing. The body is wrapped in warm sheets and blankets infused with herbal essences, which penetrate the skin, promoting cleansing, healing and relaxation.

Hydrotherapy – Water Therapy is often an aspect of balneotherapy and consists in several practices like: Hydromassage – underwater massage with jets of water, alternating hot and cold showers or bath, steam bath and exercises in water.

Massage – Is a popular adjunct to different forms of Spa therapy and balneotherapy. It is meant to relax the muscles, improve circulation and body flexibility.

Sauna – Is a room, (usually cedar-lined) where dry heated. The treatment increases body temperature, leading to increased circulation and elimination of toxins.

Steam Bath – takes place in a room lined with ceramic and heated with steam (which can can be mineral water vapors) and it is often better tolerated than sauna. Like thermal bathing, steam baths increase blood circulation, raise body temperature and aid in body cleansing.

Thalassotherapy – Uses sea water, as well as seaweed wraps, mud wraps. In spa resorts or just beach resorts on the ocean or sea, the treatment is completed with breathing the sea air and sun therapy. – See Family Beach Vacation page for more.

Caribbean Spa Resorts

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Some of the best Spa resorts in Americas include:

  • Tulum, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico – a traditional Maya offering mystical, spiritual Maya massage rituals.

  • Costa Rica – based on mineral hot volcanic springs and and magma-heated lagunas.

  • Baja California, Mexico – Rancho La Puerta is Mexico’s top destination spa offering therapeutic treatments and luxury services.

  • Queretaro, Central Mexico and Gulf Coast, Mexico – a perfect destination for hot springs treatments combined with the benefits of a wine and cheese region, plus a gourmet cuisine.

  • Patagonia, Argentina – a spa destination based on volcanic springs and eco-adventure.