Water Fitness – A Convenient Way To Get in Shape & Stay Fit

Water Fitness, can provide benefits not found in other areas and can advance individuals to their next level of muscle fitness and mobility sooner.

It also act as a natural weight loss solution.

Jump in! Burn fat, tone muscle and stay in shape even if you are plagued with knee, ankle, foot or leg problems…

There are many proven benefits of Water Fitness programs and they are designed for people of all ages and physical levels.

Water exercises are as good for eldery people who want to improve their flexibility, for people at any age who want to lose weight, as for athletic training.

Water Fitness Benefits

Water fitness programs can be highly challenging and effective for people of all ages and they have multiple healing effects, like:


  • High calorie burning during and after after water workout
  • You are more likely to participate if you don’t sweat or get your hair wet
  • In-door pools allow for year round exercise programs
  • Your heart rate is slower making water exercise beneficial for pregnancy, obese, and heart disease participant
  • Renews your energy level as it releases your stress and tension
  • Water exercise is wonderful for participants with arthritis, back or other joint problems

Psychological Benefits Of Water Exercise Include:


  • Relaxation due to warmth and weightlessness
  • Increased feeling of health and well being
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Recreation
  • Improved mood through positive interaction with other participants.


Water Fitness – Water Aerobics

Whether you are looking to improve fitness, lose weight, excel at your sport, rehabilitate from injury, ease limitations of arthritis and other medical conditions or just have fun, Water fitness is a great solution.

Research has proven that, as the physical improves, so does the mental, emotional, and spiritual. Some of these benefits are:


  • Decreased: Stress, blood pressure, tension, weight, pain, body fat, impact on joints, risk of injury, and prescription drug requirements.

  • Increased: Strength, flexibility, energy, range of motion, muscle tone, oxygen/circulation, endurance, balance, coordination, fun, self esteem, safety, and enjoyment of life.

  • Enhanced: Feelings of well – being, sleeping patterns, recovery from injuries, social pleasures, and the reversing or slowing of ageing, both mentally and physically.


Endless Pools provide all the benefits of traditional swimming pools, in a fraction of the space

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Water provides twelve per cent more resistance than movements on land – without the gravitational stress and pain.

Studies shown that water exercises and swimming are also an excellent practices for children

They have a lot of benefits for their physical and mental health and development

Water Fitness is adaptable to everyone’s desires, needs and abilities.

Non-swimmers can safely participate – “playing” in water will develop their confidence and eventually they will start swimming
Water visually shields your body – for those participants feeling uncomfortable or awkward in normal exercise environments.
A variety of water exercise equipment is available to assist with resistance and flotation.

Water Fitness: Aqua Jogging

Water walking has been discovered to be very beneficial recovering exercise, because of the low impact of the water to the body, and efficiency of the water resistance to the miscalls and joints.

Water exercise and water walking are one of the most efficient ways to burn calories

For instance, walking in water not only strengthens the leg and hip muscles – the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus – but also helps to develop cardio respiratory fitness

Aqua jogging is recommended for muscle soreness, stress fractures and aching joints.

Compare the following estimates of calorie consumption for a 30 minutes workout:


  • Land walking: 135 calories / Deep water walking: 264 calories
  • Jogging on land 240: calories / Deep water jogging: 340 calories


Specific designed Aqua jogging belts is all you need to perform these easy exercises.

They help maintaining the proper upright position of the body supporting you while walking in water. Adjacent specific gloves and shoes can be used to increase the water resistance for the arms and legs. Check out this aquatic physical therapy equipment and Work out without hurting your body!

You can enjoy the benefits of running, cross country skiing, strength training and a variety of aerobic exercises while suspended in deep or shallow water. Work out without hurting your body!

Water Fitness – Anti Aging Remedy

Do you want to learn a safe and effective way of water aerobic exercise, that will help you live a longer, more energetic and independent life? Let internationally renowned aquatic fitness expert Ruth Sova show you how water activities will help you:

  • slow the effects of aging
  • improve how you feel and look
  • safely increase your heart rate during exercise
  • speed up your metabolism, so you’ll burn calories faster
  • enhance strength, flexibility, and endurance (arthritis treatments)
  • gain more energy and vigor to enjoy other activities
  • have fun exercising like you never thought you could